Posts in Portuguese

Just to justify why my previous post (and some future ones) are in Portuguese, my native language:

You’ll see here some posts in Portuguese, some of them even not computer-related, mainly because the target audience are my friends or people who don’t necessarily speak English, and because I’m too lazy to maintain two blogs for different things ;-). So, if you see some post in Portuguese and you don’t speak this language, just ignore it or translate it (e.g. through Google) if you really want to. I’ll try to write the posts in well-conforming Portuguese so the automated translation will not look bad.

I’ll also try to use tags wherever possible, so you can filter out the things you don’t want to read.

That’s it! I’ll try to keep this blog active 🙂


About lizardo

My hobby: figure out how systems are expected to work; induce them to work unexpectedly; and responsibly disclose.
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