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Wine, the Windows “emulator”

Just saw some good news about Wine approaching 1.0 stable release. It remembered me of how capable Wine is now. Some years ago, I would try running an application under Wine and hope it would at least show something and … Continue reading

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Boomerang and gcov

Last night I tried enabling coverage in boomerang compilation. It seems it will not be as easy as I thought. Gcov is failing to find source files, although the .gcda and .gcno files are being generated and are on the … Continue reading

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Boomerang testsuite

Last weekend I made my first code contribution to the Boomerang project: I fixed some tests from the testsuite that were segfaulting or failing due to changes in the debug output. After sending the patch to the mailing list, I … Continue reading

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Research in reverse engineering

I am about to graduate in Computer Science at Universidade Federal do Amazonas (UFAM), so I think I will now have more time to continue my personal research on some subjects I am interested in, but never found time to … Continue reading

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