Boomerang and gcov

Last night I tried enabling coverage in boomerang compilation. It seems it will not be as easy as I thought. Gcov is failing to find source files, although the .gcda and .gcno files are being generated and are on the correct location. Snippet from gcov error:

$ gcov c/ansi-c-parser.gcda -o c -b >/dev/null
ansi-c.y:cannot open source file
/usr/local/lib/ open source file
ansi-c-parser.cpp:cannot open source file

In this case the source file is in c/ansi-c-parser.cpp, but it insists on looking for it in the current directory. For this specific case, I figured out the errors are due to #line directives generated by bison++, but there are various errors like this. I’ll look into them at another time. Currently, I’m investigating unexpected errors reported by the functional testsuite (more on this later).


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My hobby: figure out how systems are expected to work; induce them to work unexpectedly; and responsibly disclose.
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One Response to Boomerang and gcov

  1. lamia says:

    comment analyser avec GCOV sous linux ,et comment profiler avec GPROF sous linux. merci à la vance

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