Making icecream monitor (icemon) work on Jaunty

While I have been using Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (hardy) in my work laptop (for the very same reasons I used dapper for a long time), I knew that some Ubuntu 9.04 (jaunty) users were having problems with icemon (the icecream monitor) not working, i.e., not showing any nodes. I did not investigate the reasons behind this, but a colleague reported that he could successfully make it work by using the older version from intrepid.

So here goes a small how-to on installing the older icecc-monitor version (from intrepid) in jaunty:

  1. Download the icecc-monitor .deb package from
  2. Install the package with:
  3. $ sudo dpkg -i icecc-monitor_*.deb

  4. The step above will successfully install the package, but in a future whole-system upgrade, it will again install the newer (buggy) version. To avoid that, you can tell dpkg to lock the package version, using the following command:
  5. $ echo icecc-monitor hold | sudo dpkg --set-selections

    If necessary, you can unlock it anytime using the command:

    $ echo icecc-monitor install | sudo dpkg --set-selections

I did not check yet whether this has already been reported to the Launchpad, if anyone knows, feel free to comment.


About lizardo

My hobby: figure out how systems are expected to work; induce them to work unexpectedly; and responsibly disclose.
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