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PySide 1.0.0~beta1 binaries released for Ubuntu

Didier ‘OdyX’ Raboud once again borrowed his great Debian packaging/integration skills to the PySide project, and created packages for the latest Ubuntu releases (including the development one, codenamed “natty”). They are available on the official repository. See the download instructions … Continue reading

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Making icecream monitor (icemon) work on Jaunty

While I have been using Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (hardy) in my work laptop (for the very same reasons I used dapper for a long time), I knew that some Ubuntu 9.04 (jaunty) users were having problems with icemon (the icecream … Continue reading

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Setting up libc6 sources for analysis on Debian/Ubuntu

I used to work on development of a tracing tool at work, that required me reading some glibc code to understand internals of core library functions (following the “Use the source, Luke” Open Source principle for developer documentation). I use … Continue reading

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Latest Open Source contributions: ltrace, strace, apt-cacher

Hi all, After a long period without posts, I’m back to activity 🙂 Here goes my latest contributions to Open Source projects (mostly as part of my work at INdT): strace ARM fix: link to post ltrace fixes: #450931 #176413 … Continue reading

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Running Intel(R) Processor Frequency ID Utility on Linux

This article explains how to run Intel’s Processor Frequency ID “Bootable Version” on Linux. This utility is useful to check whether the Intel CPU you bought is running at the specified Processor/Bus speeds (i.e. it is not overclocked). This article … Continue reading

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Embedded Ubuntu at LinuxDevices

A couple of months ago, I and two colleagues from 10LE have developed a EmbeddedUbuntu spec (AKA distribution feature specification) at Ubuntu Below Zero (UBZ) meeting, held in Montreal, Canada. In summary, the spec describes a framework to create customized … Continue reading

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